Find the Strength Within’

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There is no limit to the various creative works that one can achieve. 

Singer/Songwriter/Poet/Author/Photographer & Creative Artist across many outlets...

Fiona Porch was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and is soon to be a budding new author who has spent her life using her trials and achievements to inspire her work. Starting with singing and song writing her first album cover title song “I Am Who I Am” was inspired from her first published work, “Feelings” a poem that was printed in the NSW Department of Education and Training Resource Magazine. Fiona has always tried to display her emotions in such a way as to help others to leap their hurdles and pursue their goals. She now invites others to share in her experiences through her literary & creative works, hoping that her message will become a boon for all those who want to fly..

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Soul Cried Poetry Book